Matchbox pegs? A lesson in failure

So John Lambert via the Lamley Blog did what he could to promote a stupid campaign by Matchbox to “show MB that is available”.

Well here you go then – this is the state of Matchbox these days.

And it does seem that the experiment has gone quite wrong – a handful of pictures on their Instagram account showing full pegs and a thunderstorm of comments from folk who can find bugger all.

Are you still convinced (maybe you have been smoking a bit too much of the good stuff) that Matchbox is going in the right direction?

Oh, I forgot – of course you do – you can see models on the pegs, so where is the problem, right?





One thought on “Matchbox pegs? A lesson in failure

  1. Tihs farce was always going to fail. The whole thing was like most things Mattel do, ill conceived and with no forethought. The only pictures you will receive will be those showing full pegs, why? because if the majority of stores do not stock Matchbox then there are no pegs empty or otherwise to photograph, thus the whole process is flawed because Mattel via their Instagram account are never going to publish picture after picture of Majorette, Maisto etc.
    With each effort Mattel put in it becomes clear how they are intentionally trying to destroy the brand.


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