Matchbox getting it right

Ok, I am going to put the ongoing issues of distribution to one side for the moment.

We know that Mattel are a bunch of halfwits and add to the mix Matchbox Patsy John Lambert claiming “everything is awesome”, it makes for quite depressing times as a collector of the brand.


have a look at these pre-pros:

A BMW i3 and a Chevrolet Camaro.

One word: brilliant.

The decision by the designers to create real models for 2017 that can/could be seen on the streets is a welcome one. So much better than some ridiculous estate/wagon from the 1950s in the US. This is what Matchbox should be about rather than the constant wants of a few collectors from the US and vehicles only relevant to that particular market.

I am genuinely pleased to see this – but again, it is somewhat tainted by the fact that for anyone outside of the US or who buys cases of the product from dealers, then we may not get to ever see these in the metal.

As ever, I fail to understand why the basics are not fixed yet they can produce castings like this…….


3 thoughts on “Matchbox getting it right

  1. Personally , I tend to prefer models based on vehicles from the 40’s to the 70’s ( whether they are UK or US models – Jags, Astons , Fords , Vauxhalls, Chevys, Dodges and Lincolns my favourites)…must be my age…born in 1956…..anyway , as they say , each to their own…it would be a funny and boring world if we all liked the same things


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