More early 2017 TLV-Neo releases

So a few more models that have been shown via Tomica for 2017.

It seems very daft, but it looks like I will get the variations of the MarkII /Chaser as I am a bit of a fan of this particular model (X70) – but they are the same car (almost…)

As for the Nissan Civilian – well, not these two I am afraid – I would prefer if they released a commercial version as opposed to a emergency services. Which is good, as these command a higher price than the normal cars.

Itching to find out what else lies ahead……..

TLV-N95c マークII リミテッド
TLV-N95c Mark II Limited

LV-N143a 日産シビリアン 人員輸送車
LV-N143a Nissan Civilian personnel transport vehicles

LV-N142a 日産シビリアン 警視庁機動救助隊
LV-N142a Nissan Civilian Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department riot rescue team


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