Matchbox is available in the UK!!

Well, well, calm down everyone.

John “Mattel are great!” Lambert was right along – there is Matchbox in the UK!!

All of us in Europe were wrong and we now need to give John a massive apology – Mattel have got the distribution issue completely correct.

Have I changed my tune? Yes! I now believe John Lambert implicitly in what he writes in his blog.

Here are some pictures that I have taken.

First is WH Smith – as you can see they are adhering to the $1 rule that the US seems to love and cherish. The pegs seem to be bursting at the seams with these releases. No peg warmers here !


Now look at Poundland:

Once again we see pegs rammed full of hard to come by MB that no one can get hold of. They are even on the US Long cars which makes them even rarer!!!!!

And loads of HW as well – how cool is this Mattel!!


However, I save the best until last.

Look at all the Matchbox here at TRU: just amazing.

So I have agreed this with myself.

I am no longer going to challenge John Lambert again when it comes to Matchbox as he clearly knows a lot more than us being part of the Mattel inner circle and all the models shown here prove that he as right with Matchbox.

There is no issue with distribution! Mattel have got it right!



4 thoughts on “Matchbox is available in the UK!!

  1. At least you in the UK have easy access to Majorette. Do they sell Tomica in the UK also? Both are relatively expensive for us Yanks since they don’t seem to be distributed here in the States, at least not in my area.


  2. No Tomicas, barely any Matchboxes (and always overpriced). The Majorettes have only just arrived, all things considered. Not very fair.


  3. lol! Love the WH Smith stuff. About 4 years out of date and £1.99 a pop. Real stockroom clearance shit. Did find a Lotus Europa & a D Type in a railways station branch once though….


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