Cyclists need to obey the road laws

I have started to get back cycling again. It is very safe to do so here in Basel. I would not even think about it in London at all – it is just far too dangerous.

As a driver, I do have more of an awareness of what is going on – I practically use the same skills for cycling as I do for driving, which has come in very handy most of the time.

You can also spot the non car drivers cycling – earphones on, no crash helmet, oblivious to what is going on – and they need not worry that much because as mentioned before, it is fairly safe to cycle here.

This footage below annoys me.

Zebra crossing coming up and a cyclist thinks he can just ride through. But good on the chap blocking him and making him look like a bit of a twat.

Cyclists seem to be getting bad press and most of them claim hard done by – but with evidence like this and the majority of cyclists simply doing what they want to do rather than obey and follow the traffic laws, it is any wonder that pedestrians and drivers alike get so hacked off with them?


4 thoughts on “Cyclists need to obey the road laws

  1. Did you know that the government’s own surveys, in 2015, showed that over half of all car drivers speed in free flowing traffic in 30 zones *at any time*, and that the percentage goes up to over 80% in 20mph zones? Here’s the source for that:

    I don’t want to condone anyone breaking any rules. But it’s weird to single out that car drivers get “hacked off” with cyclists for not following the rules, when the majority of car drivers are breaking the law at any given opportunity. I strongly doubt that over 80% of cyclists are breaking the law at any opportunity in a 20mph zone, so you are expressing a bit of a double standard, yes?


    • Thanks for your comments Jon –

      I agree with you – driving at 20 mph is difficult at the majority of times and I am sure that the majority of drivers do break the speed limit where concerned as it is just far too slow a pace.

      However, I have seen untold cyclists do as they please – jump lights, barge people, wear earphones, no safety helmet…….just asking for trouble. Add to that them at times meandering int he middle of he road and simply not aware of the traffic conditions nor have an appreciation of the road or from a driver’s perspective.

      I don’t think it is double standards. When I cycle I always try to use the bike as if I was driving a car and respect the fact that they have a bigger, heavier and more powerful vehicle than me. But it grates me to witness the high and mighty stance that cyclists are “untouchable” and can do as they please. I have yet to see someone actually taking it seriously. Maybe I am not observing properly but that has been my experience.


      • I’m currently sitting in my home office in the garden, with the window open, and every 30 seconds or so, people in cars roar past on our residential streets, way too fast. I see people on phones in cars all the damn time… in the queue at lights it’s probably one in five. Stand by any traffic light as it turns red in free flowing busy traffic, and the next car or two will jump it. And as that government report shows, there’s a huge epidemic of lawbreaking amongst drivers. More than half are breaking the law all the time, at any opportunity in urban areas full of people. So I really don’t feel there’s a comparatively high level of wilful disregard of the law amongst cyclists.

        “No safety helmet” isn’t illegal. In the safest two cycling countries in the world by accident stats (Netherlands and Holland) helmet use is almost zero. Riding in the centre of the lane isn’t illegal, and in fact kids are trained to do so in numerous circumstances. Earphones aren’t illegal (nor are loud car stereos).

        I don’t mean to sound confrontational. I just don’t really understand society’s weird internalisation of the transgressions of drivers, and its simultaneous willingness to “other” cyclists. Most cyclists are riding perfectly fine, they really are. Most cyclists are just regular people going from A to B. Some break some rules, sometimes. In comparison, the MAJORITY of drivers break laws as a matter of course – the government survey proves that. There are a lot of broken windows in this particular glass house.


  2. Jon, you seem to be a very angry person. Especially with motorists. You seem to have great confidence in govt reports, yet having seen the disregard that many cyclists seem to have for the road these days, one wonders if they have contributed to the number of RTA’s simply because they do not have an appreciation of traffic or road laws.

    You make a valid point with drivers – laws are broken regularly, but having 24/7 police to monitor will obviously be daft.

    But then again why can’t cyclists show the same respect? Refusal to wear head protection – congratulations on your head trauma. Wearing earphones – oh, sorry, you didn’t hear that truck behind you. Why hasn’t this been made law to protect and ensure that serious injury can be prevented.

    You seem to be defending cyclists as the purist form of road user. I have see and witnessed aggressive, obnoxious and down right oblivious behaviour that not only threatens their lives but those driving as well.

    There should be some manner of proficiency test – you cannot drive a car without a license, so why not a new cyclist?Add to this cycle lanes in the UK are not at all safe, IMO, and I would not feel comfortable at all cycling in London.

    This video clip sums it up perfectly:

    BTW, I would love to visit these two countries, Netherlands and Holland……..where are they on the world map?


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