Right to reply – David Bull

So recently I had some comments bu David Bull about my journey to the London Stadium to watch the Hammers.

I want to look at those comments and give my feedback on them via my musings:

A load of waffle and very negative.

Well, this is a musing and my view…..I have tried to tell a story, but maybe this has not worked for you David.

I have been following West Ham for over 40 years and sad as it is to leave Upton Park we had to move on.

Totally agree – there was no scope for development at the Boleyn and TBH it was showing its age. The facilities at the London Stadium are far superior and makes for an more enjoyable experience.

I think the Olympic Stadium is fantastic and contrary to your comments I feel West Ham have done a fair job to make it feel like home.

I don’t disagree at all – we were there for the Olympics in 2012 and it was brilliant. I really enjoyed it. However, I felt that there was something missing. At the Boleyn there were the imaginative twin turrets greeting the West Stand – whilst this is not possible to re-create at the LS, my impression was that they have done is decal over the existing facade. I know it is not possible to do anything else, but it just didn’t feel that inspiring – again I cannot out my finger on it, and maybe over time my feelings will change as I go to games.

Granted the food and drink is over the top but it’s always been expensive even at Upton Park.

I don’t think I ever ate anything at the Boleyn in 20 years of going there, as I was quite content with Queens Fish Bar. As with all catering I do want to know why there is a premium placed on outlets outside the ground – I am better off going to Westfield and grabbing a KFC.

The club has messed the seating allocation up granted but it was always going to be difficult the first year / season and if you didn’t think it would be maybe you are a little naive !!

I have my project manager’s hat on. There must have been Lessons Learned from the likes of City at the Ethiad, Southampton, Sunderland, Derby, Leicester, Swansea, all clubs that have moved grounds to new stadia. I am curious to know the process and planning behind it all as if I were running the migration, I would have looked to these Lessons Learned to see where possible pitfalls could arise and [possibly be avoided.

Like with all projects there is an element of risk with the move, however, from my PoV, the risk (seat cock up) could have been eliminated at the very start.

Using an ITIL phrase, WHUFC should be ‘continuosly improving on service’, and I can very well see that they are trying to do so with the feedback requests and the increase in stewarding. However, why did they not press the LS185 to install the correct PA system for Police presence? Did the Hammers just leave the running of the stadium over to LS185 and concentrate on selling ST’s instead?

The atmosphere was a lot better verses Middlesboro and with 50k plus it will be a great home in years to come.

Well, I was not there for that match, but a mate agreed with my comments that the atmosphere was a bit muted. Perhaps now that we have chalked up a win against Thornton Heath FC, this might buoy up our supporters. I very much hope so, and it will be interesting to see against Arsenal, which is my next scheduled visit.

Let’s all pull together stop moaning and get behind the team. Talk of champions league football last year was premature by a few and fueled by the media. Start being positive don’t worry about the shopping centre and we will be fine #COYI

I don’t think anyone is actually moaning – we were on such a high from last season that we expect to carry on where we left off. Maybe that is totally naive thinking, but the additions to the squad don’t seem to be working at the moment, in comparison to last season. Yup, I was thinking who we would meet in the CL, but as per my musings last season, I did have my feet firmly planted on the ground. I was very happy with out league position.

The loss of Europa League football annoyed me as we should have secured the group stage after all the hard work, so I am at a loss as to why we failed to make the grade again. And this just perpetuated in the league, although I was very pleased with the Palace performance. The Southampton game was very poor in contrast.

I am sure we will be fine, but there are things that need to improve. And with the stadium behind us, we deserve now the bigger stage and kudos.

As for my musing – well, it was my honest account. I am sure there will be folk like you David that will not agree of my view, but then life would be dull if we all agreed. I really do hope that things will change over time, so let’s see – I have a ST and will be renewing it season after season until my time on earth comes to an end. So I am there for life.

Make no mistake, I was in favour of the move to the LS and didn’t really feel all that wade of emotion when we left the Boleyn. But like moving house, it will take some time to get used to.


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