More LEGO City 2017

Following on from the glutton of LEGO City Police for 2017 , comes even more “Great Vehicles” to add to your City scape.

From the initial look, it seems that most of these models are a re-jig of past / existing models. Subtle enough to make a small differentiation.

What I am constantly disappointed with is that there are a lack of buildings once again, which seem to have been shoved over to the Creator side of things. The City scape can only sustain a finite number of vehicles – where do all these people live and where can you park the vehicles?!

Finances permitting, I reckon I will get most of these, bar the boat. I also await what they have in store for the latter half of 2017 – and I hope it is not some daft theme again.

Pictures from

Race Plane (60144)

LEGO City Flugzeug (60144) | © LEGO Group

Buggy (60145)

Buggy (60145) | © LEGO Group

Stunt Truck (60146)

Stunt Truck (60146) | © LEGO Group

Fishing Boat (60147)

Fishing Boat (60147) | © LEGO Group

ATV Race Team (60148)

ATV Race Team (60148) | © LEGO Group

4×4 with Catamaran (60149)

4x4 with Catamaran (60149) | © LEGO Group

Pizza Van (60150)

LEGO City Pizza Lieferwagen (60150) | © LEGO Group

Dragster Transporter (60151)

Dragster Transporter (60151) | © LEGO Group

Sweeper & Excavator (60152)

Straßenkehrer und Bagger (60152) | © LEGO Group


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