West Ham are listening

West Ham United ARE listening to us – albeit it takes a bit of time!

I was delighted to read that West Ham were going to introduce 03xx numbers to contact the WHU Ticket office.

For ages they have been using an 0871 number which was costing an arm and a leg to call – something like 13p a minute and you could be on the phone for well over half an hour. I mused about this a while back and really hoped that they would take some action to stop ripping the fans off.

West Ham will still get a revenue share, BUT the 03xx number is now inclusive in most call packages, so it means that there should be no huge bills trying to book that ticket.

I am really happy that WHU have seen sense with this and brought it forward to ensure that fans are getting a fair deal. Karren Brady  has been getting a lot of stick lately, so have the 2x David’s over the stadium, and other stuff, but I think that they are genuinely trying to do the right thing – credit to them and I applaud this piece of action.

From the Hammers website:

Hammers introduce national rate numbers

  • West Ham United introduce national rate phone numbers for Ticket Office
  • New 03 numbers will save supporters up to 68p per minute
  • Vice-Chairman Karren Brady expedited move following recent Fan Feedback Forum

West Ham United are delighted to announce the introduction of new national rate 03 telephone numbers for the Ticket Office.

The new national rate 03 numbers will replace the old 0871 and 0845 numbers, saving supporters up to 68p per minute as calls to 03 numbers must count towards any inclusive minutes included in mobile, BT or other fixed line packages.

Fans calling to purchase Standard Tickets and Official Coach Travel should call 0333 030 1966, while Accessibility supporters should call 0333 030 0174.

The Board had been working towards introducing a national rate Ticket Office number this season, but pushed for the process to be completed after Vice-Chairman Karren Brady made a personal pledge to supporters at the recent Fan Feedback Forum.

“We are delighted to be able to make this change for the benefit of West Ham United supporters,” said the Vice-Chairman.

“This switch to national rate telephone numbers, which will be included in the packages used by the vast majority of fans, is something we have been working towards as a Board.

“Following discussions at the successful Fan Feedback Forum at London Stadium, the process has been expedited and I am pleased to confirm that it has now been completed.

“As a Club, we are committed to making football affordable for all, and this switch to national rate numbers will save supporters money every time they call the Ticket Office in future. We would urge all fans to start using the new 03 numbers immediately!”

We are delighted to be able to make this change for the benefit of West Ham United supporters

Vice-Chairman Karren Brady

West Ham’s move to national rate 03 numbers has been praised by David Hickson of the Fair Telecoms Campaign.

“Calls to 03 numbers are charged on exactly the same basis as calls to local numbers.” he said. “Well done the Hammers; let us hope that other clubs and ticketing operators who need to will swiftly follow this example of how to respond to fans.”

The previous Ticket Office numbers – 0871 529 1966 for Standard Tickets/0845 174 0174 for Accessibility Tickets – will be maintained for those supporters who have this stored on their mobile phones or see them on any pre-existing advertising. However, callers to these number will be advised of the new national rate 03 numbers at the start of their call.

Supporters interested in purchasing Club London hospitality packages should continue to call 020 8114 2442 or email matchdays@westhamunited.co.uk.

Read more at http://www.whufc.com/news/articles/2016/november/09-november/hammers-introduce-national-rate-numbers#VXy8HyDQmu7sxUQY.99 


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