Has the hype been worth it for The Grand Tour?

The Grand Tour reunites the three amigos, Clarkson, Hammond and May, now on Amazon as opposed to the BBC. But was it a hypercar of a show or just a G-Whiz?

I managed to “watch” the show just to see if it managed the hype. The cost has been mooted at around £4m per episode, lavish scenery. expensive cars, etc. TV Critics have heaped praise on the programme stating that the Three Amigos was welcome back on the scene.

But TBH, this for me is just a posher version of BBC’s Top Gear. They haven’t re-invented themselves at all. They just have more money to play with and thus the locations and type of car they can afford to have on the show. They have a test track and a leaderboard, instead of the TG Hangar, they have a big silly tent, they sit around and have banter (more cruder than would normally have been allowed on terrestrial TV)…….it is all very familiar. There were the sly digs at the BBC and Top Gear – was it necessary? Andy Wilman probably gave it the green light just to ensure that the Beeb were feeling all a bit sheepish. The only unique thing is that they have filmed this across the world as opposed to just the Dunsfold Aerodrome.

As usual, the photography is quite stunning, but then again it was on the BBC as well.

I get the feeling that they are just sticking with a revamped format as it knows it works. And there are 000’s on social media who cannot get enough of these three. No doubt as the season unfolds we will see some real car-nage (excuse the pun) as vehicles will get smashed to shit.

It’s watchable as ever – but I was not blown away by it – time will tell if it really does reign as king of car shows. It is just like their old show, but bigger and brassy.

What does get me excited are shows like Car SOS and For the Love of Cars – proper programmes highlighting the methods of creation as opposed to flash and show and I am far more interested in these.

And we also have TG. Now that Chris Evans has gone, we have the delightful Matt Le Blanc and his wonderful dead pan delivery.


I am getting really fed up of all the Facebook bellends claiming that TG is dead and buried. I don’t think it is – I think that there is still some mileage left in the programme, but they do need to get back to basics and stop trying to copy the three idiots. If they do that, I am certain that they will have a very successful show. I rate Matt Le Blanc – I wish him all the success for the next series.

As for the Grand Tour – well, I will find ways not to give Amazon my £79 a year for the privilege to watch one show…..ultimately that does give me great satisfaction.


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