Acts of kindness 

Within the collecting community, there is a manner of kindred spirit. Over the years I have formed friendships that have mostly been virtual with people half way across the world. Not so much the US&A – TBH, I am not that bothered about that. I know that there are a fair few who have established relationships in order to get MB over……..

But my virtual friends are mainly in the Southern Hemisphere – namely Australia. I hope to meet up with Jono C in Melbourne in a week and a bit for a frothy.

Whilst I was over for the Arsenal game last week, amongst the many parcels that we have delivered to ship back to CH, this was in there as well.


My good friend Brad C kindly sent this in the post as it is an Aussie Exclusive. It is safely stored away in the UK and I will get a chance to muse upon these on my next visit, camera in hand.

He didn’t have to. But he did. And that for me is a big deal.


Amazingly I have yet to have a frothy with Brad, but I have known him ‘virtually’ for over 5 years (it could be longer) and consider him a very good friend. I do want to visit his part of Scotland, so hopefully I will get the chance to say thank you in person.

There are some utter bellends in the collecting world (one of them runs a blog called “Lamley”), but equally, there are some great people out there, and I am truly privileged to be acquainted with them.

Thank you Brad, thank you.


One thought on “Acts of kindness 

  1. You are most welcome. I knew you would appreciate some quality diecast and always happy to help out a mate & fellow collector. Thanks for the kind words


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