Tomica blow out

Well, when in Singapore, shop.

Traditionally, Singapore is the place to shop, and if you look carefully you can get a bargain.

I am tempted by lots, but the one place I can go out for certain and come back with masses is Toys R Us on the Orchard Road.

And my credit card took a massive hit with this lot. This is only a small snapshot of models got. There are more!

I don’t buy Tomica often, but when I do, I go big style. Lots to muse about here. And why I love this brand. Models are being shipped back to CH, and I need to get some protection boxes as well.

Let me say one thing – they aren’t cheap… would expect an affordable price point, but SG$6.99 is quite sharp. But I remind myself, I get these once every 4/5 years when we manage to visit Singapore, so it is not as if I get them every other week. And I think I might have some dupes as well……but that might not be a bad thing as I will have some loose to play around with. 

Well chuffed and bloody excited to have these models as well.

I suspect John Lambert is too busy drooling over Mattel’s plastic offering’s than take the time to really get to grips with these castings…..


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