The Crown is dead – long live the Crown!

I am back in one of my favourite country’s in the world – Singapore. I can’t get enough of this place -a  brilliant fusion of Asian and Western cultures which seems to give Singapore its unique appeal. You could call it the Switzerland of Asia…. everything is good, but they have some daft laws.

One thing that I have always looked forward to is the car culture. More so for the taxis and the ever present workhorse, the Toyota Crown Comfort. I absolutely love this car due to its very Asianess boxy profile. I do rate it as one of  the greatest cars of all time.

Last time I was in Singapore was a few years ago and I mused about them in one of my very first blogs. There were tons of the buggers, and I do remember catching a ride in one which was like the TARDIS. But alas in December 2016, I saw Hyundai Sonatas and i40, Renault Latitudes and the odd Chevrolet Epica plying their trade as the taxi of Singapore. Even the Toyota WISH makes an appearance.

I have to say, those cars are all a little soulless. Hyundai’s do a job, but they are dull, dull cars. The Sonata that we got a ride into Botanical Gardens has 500k on the clock, but again, dull and uncharismatic.

The reason why the Crown could not carry on was because of the diesel engines do not reach the EuroIV emission standards. What I find silly is that Toyota didn’t bother trying to develop a newer version of the car that could be a hybrid or such. They would have kept market share and the Crown Comfort would still be an icon.

I am gutted that I did not see such a car again on Singaporean roads. According  to the Strait Times, the majority of the cars were going to get scrapped!!  But I am very pleased to have been in one and on past trips seen them in action.

Yes, as crazy as it sounds I lament the loss of this car. The Crown is truly dead – long live the Crown!


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