Last of the great V8’s………….

It has been a funny thing being in Melbourne again. I normally expect to see loads and loads of Ford Falcons and Holden Commordores, as well as the odd Fairlane and Statesman.

However, this not the case anymore – such Aussie icons are being replaced with mid range cars such as the Camry and Holden Cruze to name but a couple.

Silver Top Taxis normally had a fleet a Fairlane’s and Stateman’s – the ultimate Aussie Luxo barge. The Fairlane stopped production in 2007 and is now a very rare sight on Aussie roads.

So I welcome any sighting of the WN Caprice in any guise as it will cease production this year. The new maker for Silver Service taxi’s are the Camry and the odd Lexus that I have seen in Melbourne CBD. But I lament the fact that the Caprice is reduced to being such a workhorse……it should really be the preserve of the elite, should it not?

And with the run out of production, means that this is one of the last V8’s roaming the Victorian roads……..this is bordering on Mad Max……


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