Hammers in review

I have just about got over my jet lag from our big trip Down Under.

It was quite funny waking up to see the football results in Sydney as opposed to watching the game live as I normally do – I think that this would be the pattern if we ever did move there.

So there have been seven games played since I left and come back, and I have to admit I have not seen the highlights for the majority of them – so I cannot comment on the game themselves. But here are my initial thoughts on each of the games played:

14/12/16 – Hammers 1, Burnley 0 – scrappy from what I hear, but I’ll take the three points – esp. as I know of a Burnley fan who is complete twat.

17/12/16 – Hammers 1, Hull 0 – again a scrappy match, but the pen by Nobes was won and scored, even though it seemed dubious.

26/12/16 – Swansea 1, Hammers 4 – a great away win and good to see AC on the score sheet.

31/12/16 – Leics 1, Hammers 0 – annoying that the run could not have been kept going, but we did lose to the Champions of England (current).

02/01/17 – Hammers 0, Utd 2 – rotten start to the new year

06/01/17 – FA Cup – Hammers 0, City 5 – moving swiftly on……….

14/01/17 – Hammers 3, Thornton Heath FC 0 – brilliant AC goal, as well as a gem of a chip from Lanzini – I caught the highlights for this one! Most importantly of all, beat the lot from Thornton Heath. Very Happy.

And then we have the Payet saga. He has clearly stated he no longer wants to play for the club – therefore:

1) Very disappointed that he wants to leave the club that helped propel his status and play.

2) Seems like he is being badly advised

3) If he doesn’t want to stay, then he needs to piss off. And West Ham need to sell him for a daft amount of money. We will surely get the funds to re-invest in the team.

Also we see the end of the Zaza saga – now palmed off to Valencia.

I hope that we continue as we did against Palace going into the depths of 2017. If we maintain our current position of mid table 12th, it will be good to end the season like this – it has been short on being a mare moving to the London Stadium.

I hope to get back to musing about the Hammers now that I am on the same time zone (sort of!)


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