Changing scenery 

Over the years, I have expected to see two models of cars in Australia. The Falcon and the Commodore. In abundance.

However, with the cessation of production at Broadmeadows,  and the closure of GMH production in Melbourne, the Falcon and Commodore are now getting a rare commodity.

Over the last four weeks whilst in Sydney and Melbourne, my assumption was that such cars would still be a plenty and frequently seen. VY, VZ Commodore as well as the BA, BF and FG Falcon were expected to be spotted.

But these pictures from the car park at Bondi beach tell a different story. Instead of what I call the Aussie classics, they have been replaced by Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Euros, namely Audi. I was quite shocked.

People no longer wanted the big saloon and this has lead to the demise of the large Aussie car.

It was sad to see a lack of these vehicles about. Majority of them were in service as taxis.

Which seems to be a bit of a bogan end to legendary names in Australian motoring.

I am certain we will (as a family) return to Oz in a few years again. I am going to be interested in how the car scape will look like. Is there a chance in the future that there will be locally made vehicle for the masses?

I don’t think so, as Ford and GMH have clearly stated that they are now going to solely be importers.

Shame. But once again I have had the pleasure to drive both models over time. It won’t happen again in my lifetime. But that is one off the bucket list ticked.


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