Mattel are not interested in us. 

This was a present for the bairn at Xmas. I got 20% off at Myer in Melbourne represented good value.

The cars – well were OK for a child. They are currently in a box somewhere on a ship.

What caught my interest was the limited warranty on the back. I would like to know if anyone has actually tried to invoke this warranty and been successful.

But what gripes me is that this is only valid for the US. What about the rest of the world? And further proof that this is now the market of focus as it is easier to deal with, reflected by the US centric castings we constantly get. What if I get a dodgy casting – what do I do in Europe?

I am documenting this a lot more in evidence to argue against the spin and rhetoric that is consistently given by the likes of John Lambert via Lamley group.

The sooner folk realise that the focus is Hot Wheels over Matchbox and the latter is just on idle, maybe the mood will change. But there is a strong need to counter the nonsense coming from Mattel and Lambert in that the brand STILL has massive problems and it is not being addressed.


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