The Tomica rush has finally arrived!

I sweated over this since it was posted from Singapore – namely because Swiss Customs are tossers in that they inspect everything and want to charge you VAT, so lucky for me this came through unscathed.

This is part of the holiday haul from Singapore, which I previewed a while ago. I do go mental when I am there, which now tends to be every four years. I don’t normally buy standard Tomica as I concentrate on TLV & Neo, but staying at the Hilton on Orchard and with TRU just 2 mins walk, it is just too tempting.

OK, so there are over 40 models here and I want to document them here on my blog.

This will take some time, but gives me some motivation as I have hardly opened any.

Of course, like with all of my boxed models, I have just ordered the protective cases off ebay, which really does help with storage. And eventually, all of them will be sent back to the UK and added to the rest of my collection.

But here is a strange thing – have you ever noticed that the John Lambert blog NEVER delves into these little lovelies, despite him proclaiming to be a huge JDM fan? Perhaps he should stop courting Mattel and start looking around……….



2 thoughts on “The Tomica rush has finally arrived!

  1. Why the eternal Lambert remark? We get it, you don’t like him. Why not focus on cars instead of another blogger? Just my 2 cents
    Great haul by the way, I’m anxious to see your reviews on them.


    • Hi Dave – thanks for the comment.

      The point is this – there is a constant drone of how Mattel is great and why Matchbox is going in the right direction from Lambert. Which serves no purpose. Many of us cannot source the [product, but we have moved on. It staggers me that for someone who claims to be into diecast, doesn’t look at the bigger picture and what else is out there – why the constant flag bearer for Mattel? Why channel energy in focusing on MB and not other brands which create some excellent products?

      OK, yes, it may sound like a broken record in referral to the individual, but what turned out to be a very good review site is now just a shameless Mattel promo – and it has lost the essence of what it was. If anything, I want to see it change and get back to its roots – unbiased and creative critique. Why not review Tomica models as they are JDM and all licensed castings as opposed to the generic tut from Mattel?

      We have Rappen over here, so those are my tuppence worth. But I appreciate what you are saying.

      I am looking forward to opening them all up – there is an interesting comparison with the Mitsubishi Triton…….musings coming shortly.


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