2017 Majorette castings – Street Cars

This is more like it. When not going on about how great Matchbox is, the Lambert blog can give some great information.

One such piece is the 2017 castings of street cars from Majorette. And there are some corkers:

G63 AMG, VW T6, Corolla Altis – all current, all licensed and available this year.

I think it will be time to start to acquire these models – France has an abundance, Switzerland is clogged to the pegs – so this is easy pickings for myself.

Two things:

1) Why the f**k can’t Mattel get their shit together and go down this route with HW or MB? Ah, sorry, the eternal $1 price point…….

2) US folk are going to get sweaty – they cannot get hold of these for love nor money and rely on “trading partners” to get them.

I say this – let them sweat – this is exactly what everyone else faces in the ROW and I hope it is Dickie Simba’s way of sticking two fingers up to them and conquering the ROW market where the likes of MB are dying on its sorry arse.

Yes, they are maybe £1 more expensive than a MB, but you get suspension, opening parts, and a licensed casting.

Mattel could learn a thing or two – but I suspect they will continue to focus on the US – after all, that is a safe area, and who wants to get involved with anyone else. I wonder if they are building a big wall in El Segundo…………









2 thoughts on “2017 Majorette castings – Street Cars

  1. Mattel really SUCKS lately… and sadly there is way to get majorette offerings here in the states.. and Mattel seems to be moving away from real cars in favor of more bogus imaginary cars on BOTH lines.. if you want realistic cars from Mattel, you have to shell out more money for their “limited edition” lines… this has prompted me to shift towards vintage offerings from both lines


    • Chris, thanks for your comment –

      What lines do you collect? US Cars, Euro Cars or JDM Cars? Be interested to know as there is a wealth of goodness out there.


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