Look what is coming in June!!!

I think that the first words uttered were “HOLY S**T!” when I found about this one.

This is possibly one of the greatest Skyline’s ever made – more for the fact that this is a four door version. And it is the Autech edition. This is GT-R hardcore and I love it.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. I do have the Kyosho version, but this will just barge this one off the parking spot in the garage. I even have this in 1/43 scale……..but such is the need for 1/64.

There are many commentators who laud the KPGC10 and KPGC110 (1st and Second generation) but to me, these are not to my liking. I have mentioned before that I am a fan of anything from R31 onwards and this gem fits the bill completely.

Released in June this year, this has to be the buy of the year so far and gives a good light with some muted releases that have come or are coming in the first quarter of 2017. There is also the police version, but this is simply not a priority for me at the moment.
Brilliant, brilliant stuff –

The actual car was announced at the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show as ’40th anniversary car of the skyline’s birth’ which made the R33 type Skyline GT-R 4-door, which was then released.

Production volume is said to be 422, it is known as rare car among the successors GT-R.

Of the body color for which three colors are set, this time, Silver is selected.
In addition, we reproduced the police car specification adopted by the Kanagawa prefectural police when the point of 4 doors was bought.

Like the already released R35 type GT – R and R34 type skyline, the brake disc is reproduced. Even if the tire rotates, the brake does not rotate.

LV-N151a スカイライン GT-R オーテックバージョン(銀)LV-N151a スカイライン GT-R オーテックバージョン(銀)LV-N151a スカイライン GT-R オーテックバージョン(銀)LV-N151a スカイライン GT-R オーテックバージョン(銀)



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