When Matchbox get it right…………

Matchbox has to be the most frustrating brand on sale at the moment.

We all know that the brand is basically screwed, with hardly anything making it outside of the US. But what annoys me even more is stuff like this:

This is the new recolour of the VW Transporter double cab. Picture has been swiped from the Matchbox Promotion blog.

FFS, this is what Matchbox is all about – proper models, with good accents of detail and a licensed casting. This is bloody awesome, and once again shows that when the numpties can put their heads together, they can produce something that will rival Majorette or Tomica. So why the fuck can’t Matchbox just bloody do this on a consistent basis???!!!!!!!!!!!

But here is the thing. Despite this being a great casting and colour scheme, how many of us will be able to find it? Very, very few……….

They give with one hand and take with another. It is just so annoying.

I would love to have a copy of this, but I could be waiting for Millwall to win the cup…….


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