And the verdict is………

There are still quite a few that want to bash Top Gear on BBC2. And it is their right if they so wish.

What I don’t get is why?

Having just watched the first season of The Grand Tour, I have to say that I think the three stooges seem to have ripped off Jeff Bezos and Amazon. Andy Wilman simply is re-hashing the Top Gear format with a bigger budget. There is nothing new or cool about it. In fact, the whole Grand Tour format was just looking very very tired and rather than watch the programme, I simply had it on in the background.

There were a couple of good vignettes, namely James May and the Ford GT and Clarkson with the Alfa Guilia QV – but that was about it. The adventures were so utterly dull. Completely average and over hyped.

And so Series 24 of the BBC show has just been broadcast. As I mentioned at the start of my musing, there are some who just want it to fail. But they never tell you why. I found the first episode of this series rather good. OK, there seem to be some little static moments in the dialogue between the three presenters, but overall, there is a good feel about it, without being obnoxious or wanting to cause controversy. That should be now reserved for the clowns on Amazon.

I thought that the revamped set was good, there was the lack of celebrity droning about how great they are and what they are promoting and more of a general chat, which is what it should be about.

The Top Gear challenge was a fine introduction to the chemistry of Harris, Reid and LeBlanc – with some genuinely hilarious moments such as the runaway taxi from Rory Reid which had me in stitches of laughter – brilliant comedy without meaning to be.

It was very enjoyable and watchable and like all things, it can only get better. The release of Chris Evans seems to have done it – the lack of TGIF feel gives TG a more mature and appealing feel.

I very much hope that the show continues in this manner – another 6 eps to go and the prospects look good.


One thought on “And the verdict is………

  1. Just watched this myself, not bad for a first outing for a new cast. I thought it felt a little forced at times but its only episode 1 of the season with time it should settle down to a good show (I hope) it certainly shows far more potential than last year, I gave up after 2 episodes


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