The King reigns – Bournemouth 3, Hammers 2 

West HamWest HamWest HamWest HamWest HamWest HamWest HamJoshua King

It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to watch a game in full on a Saturday arvo. I have the demands of a five year old itching to watch BBC iPlayer or ABC iView. Plus there is the need to get dinner on for a 6pm start. So I made a choice to watch the first half of the match against B’mouth and see if I could get the radio commentary on for the second half. No chance……..

It seems a bit of a re-occuring nightmare with penalties, as within 8 mins Feghouli turns villain giving one away and the writing looked to be on the wall. Amazingly King misses from the sport, which was relief to say the least.

In the Beautiful Game you need some luck and within a minute Feghouli turned saviour with a bit of trickery in the box and allowed Antonio to strike home. An amazing 60 seconds and quite hopeful for the rest of the game.

Yet, this is West Ham and rather than cement the lead, Bournemouth had a goal disallowed for goal offside but it is clear our defence is all over the shop and it showed on 30 mins when King got his goal and once again the defence was AWOL not closing down or being resilient enough.

The roller coaster carried on as on the  36 min where penalty was given,  but this time saved by Randolph – sweaty palms avoided and talk about luck.

Now, as I mentioned, I had things to do and the wee person wanted to watch what ever it is he wanted to watch. So I tried in vain to get the radio commentary going which did not happen and instead had to rely on the very faithful BBC Text and alerts. And just as well. I haven’t had a chance yet to watch MOTD, but I think if I was watching the game live, getting it back to 2-2 and then having King get his hat-trick  with three minutes to go just might have tipped me over the edge.

Ridiculous – why we don’t have the mental strength to see games out is quite worrying – and ultimately, is costing us points and league spots. Higher the league we are, the more money we get – a good thing right?

Some observations:

1) Kouyate playing in defence is no good at all – clearly we need cover in this area.

2) Mark Noble – he really has been off sorts over the last few games – do we drop Mr West Ham, our club captain?

3) Going back to point one – why not play Ginger Pele?

4) Why is Andre Ayew being used as a £20m super sub?

At this stage of the season, I am going to settle for mid table. I don’t thing we can sink any lower in the table…..but then again. I am a big fan of Super Slav, but the results are not going the right way, and a lot of media outlets are mentioning the name of Mancini. There needs to be a reaction if we are to certainly see Slav here in the near future. I hope he does stay, but such is the fickle nature of football.


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