TLV Neo – August 2017 releases

LV-N150a,b グロリアV30ブロアム (白)/(黒)

OK, so my Japanese is not that great, but I am sure that this translates to something totally different!

I am going to concentrate more on TLV-Neo as opposed to the original TLV range, which I have to admit does not appeal to me as much. I should cover it, but there are only a handful of castings that really do appeal……….so forgive me if I over look them.

I am going to start getting the majority of these JDM landbarges – I can see the progression from this Y30 Gloria to the Y31, which is a favourite of mine, so this is good news. I am sure that this will be ready for pre-order shortly.

You also do need to be careful here – I try to get at least one casting of each release, but you could very well blur the lines as it is sometimes almost impossible to define a Cedric Brougham from a 200 Turbo……so do approach with caution and ensure you catalogue your models to avoid unnecessary duplication. I am avoiding all that is white as if I line them up side by side it is going to get bloody confusing.

LV-N150a,b グロリアV30ブロアム (白)/(黒)LV-N150a,b グロリアV30ブロアム (白)/(黒)LV-N150a,b グロリアV30ブロアム (白)/(黒)LV-N150a,b グロリアV30ブロアム (白)/(黒)LV-N150a,b グロリアV30ブロアム (白)/(黒)LV-N150a,b グロリアV30ブロアム (白)/(黒)LV-N150a,b グロリアV30ブロアム (白)/(黒)LV-N150a,b グロリアV30ブロアム (白)/(黒)LV-N150a,b グロリアV30ブロアム (白)/(黒)

LV-N 150 a, b Gloria V 30 Bloam (white) / (black)

TLV-NEO released in August, Y30 type Gloria hard top late model will appear.
The former type is a big change in the image of the front and back.

As a model as well, I changed the image of the earlier Cedric model released in July.

You can taste the feeling of luxury car of the former year such as the grill full of luxury feeling, large bumper peculiar to 3 liter cars.

Body color selected white and black classic.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Application for commercialization license


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