Matchbox 2016 – MB34 – 2013 Ford Cargo

I don’t buy Matchbox as a rule anymore. The product is just poor, you can’t get hold of the latest castings and to rub salt into the wounds, John Lambert keeps telling you that everything is rosy when clearly it isn’t.

That said, there have been some good castings of late and where I have managed to pick up the odd one, they have been licensed castings. I am not a fan of the generics. Long time passed when I would try to get everything released for that year, it just doesn’t happen anymore due to distribution.

I wanted to see what a recent MB casting is like so I took the chance to get the Ford Cargo tractor unit. I am so out of touch with MB, I don’t even know what year this model was released, which I had to research when I got back home.

OK, it is licensed, but the one thing that smacks you is the volume of plastic over metal. Why the blacked out windows? Surely a vehicle like this warrants an interior? The model feels light and somewhat flimsy – compare this to the likes of MB71 Scania T142 which was like a brick in diecast weight in comparison to this model.

I do give credit for the sharp tampo print on the front and the detail that is given to the rear, but it leaves me the question as to what use is this truck when there is no MB trailer to add to the rear?

I am trying to be positive, but cost cutting measures like this just do not help the cause. OK, Majorette can do the same with their MAN TXG unit, but credibility is earned as they give you a bloody trailer to hitch on the end!

If Matchbox want to produce stuff like this, then great – it beats the crap that are called “Matchbox Originals” (Generic shite to normal folk), but please just add more metal and raise the price. Ignore the idiots in the US who insist that they need to keep this brand under $1, people are willing to pay more for a better product. And this could so be a better product with a little more investment in the detail.

MB34  - 2013 Ford CargoMB34  - 2013 Ford CargoMB34  - 2013 Ford CargoMB34  - 2013 Ford CargoMB34  - 2013 Ford CargoMB34  - 2013 Ford CargoMB34  - 2013 Ford CargoMB34  - 2013 Ford Cargo


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