Triumph-ant from the grave

Fascinating yet a tad sad as well – surely some of these are worth saving?

I spotted some old cars from the side of the road.and spotted a house I parked my car up and wandered up the drive to speak to the owner.we got chatting and I asked if he minded me taking some photos.he was happy for me too.and happy for me too post them long as I did not state where they were.which I informed him these sort of sites we don’t name.he even opened up his big shed and just let me in to take pics of his main cars.he said he had forty cars on site and not one under twenty years old.i spent three hours here,most of that talking.its nice to do permission visits sometimes because I learnt a lot off this very knowledgable man.i showed him a collection of photos on my tablet,and he really enjoyed looking at what I do.the main part of his collection was old triumphs and that was his main love.he had number seven stag off the production line,and number nine,which was used in the film “straw dogs”.some of these are in a bit of state but I enjoyed my visit here throughly on a glorious day

I like to go where others fear to tread.

Thanks given by: brickworx, Dam_01, Dani1978, dauntless – UE, DirtyJigsaw, Gromr123, jsp77, krela, Lavino, Mearing, mockingbird, Old Wilco, oldscrote, prettyvacant71,psykie, rockfordstone, Rubex, stu8fish, The aviator, thorfrun, zanderoy


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