There has been a huge amount said about the distribution of Matchbox in the UK. Some believe it is great and really positive for the brand, led by the Mattel Patsy John Lambert. The brand is exclusively available in Asda so no problem getting all the castings you need.

Indeed, on the MCF FB page, there have been a few sightings of the new castings, but these have been few and far between. So then you could rely on rip off merchants like Wheels Collectors (who give Lambert freebies for blatant “buy this case off them” advertising), where these fuckers charge you a fortune for a £1 casting because there are people stupid enough to pay premiums for no good reason.

A load of old bollocks as far as I am concerned.  But after almost 2 year search/wait, I picked these up in Croydon, Surrey from Poundland.

Despite the utter shite Mattel insist on producing, this V60 Polestar represents everything good that is Matchbox and it is a casting – in this colour – that I have been after for ages. So when two are just hanging on the pegs, it would be rude not to.

And this set me back a quid each. I would have paid more (I.e. Normal retail)  for them,  but Poundland is top value. I could not give a toss if they are long or short cards, job done. One will be opened one will be kept MOC.

This is just an insult really to the whole exclusivity deal with Asda. More to the point, you will never find Lambert championing such stores as this could well fuck up his relationship with Mattel. More to the point he hasn’t a clue what is happening elsewhere around the world………..

I would say this – there are some resourceful collectors out there on the MCF FB page like Mark Amies, Lee Blake and Lee James who give regular update on what they tend to find in and around the UK.

Don’t believe everything that Lambert muses about. Trust those that are on the street as opposed to those who love the ego boost from being “mates with Mattel”.

It also goes to show that although I do give Mattel a right hammering for being total wank, sometimes they produce a casting that is just worthy. In this case, we have the V60 Polestar. Definitely a thumbs up and a well done here. I don’t say it with tongue in cheek or sarcastically either – I whole heartedly mean it,this is a bloody good shout.

I will be musing about this casting in a while.


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