Pixar blow out

Rip off merchants Wheel Collectors boasted that they got these first when they first came out on release. Looking to mug people right off, they whacked up the retail prices of these standard cars to almost double what they were worth – Jackson Storm was approaching double the retail!

So upon a visit to Toy Barnhaus and TRU in Croydon, the imminent release of the film lead to a glut of models on display. So it would have been rude not to……

Some £200 later (yup, that was a wedge and a half), I ended up with these.

I am going to muse about them, but they are in another country………..safely stored…………so they will just have to wait for a wee while.

But here is the moral of the story – if you want things as soon as they come out, then be prepared to pay a small fortune. If you can wait, you will be better off for it.


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