New Commodore Supercar breaks cover

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I really am not sure how the Aussies will take to the German built Insignia which will now be called the Commodore once the Australian production finishes.

The Aussie Supercars will never be the same again, but these are changing times.

New Commodore Supercar breaks cover

06092017 - Next-Generation Holden Commodore Supercar - side

The Gen2 Commodore will make its Supercars debut powered by Holden’s existing V8 engine in 2018, with Triple Eight introducing its V6 turbo as a wildcard in selected events.

Holden has confirmed its plan alongside the release of the first official renders of the new race car, produced by GM Design Australia Exterior Design Manager Peter Hughes.

Holden’s decision to homologate the existing V8 with the new car for a single season will allow for further development of the new engine and its introduction to the category.

Factory team Triple Eight had previously been scheduled to campaign the V6 with the new car from the start of next season.

A 3.6 litre twin-turbo based on that used in sister brand Cadillac’s GT3 car, the engine has been in development at GM Racing’s plant in Michigan, USA, for some time.

While as few as two of the new Commodores were previously expected to debut next year, more teams are thought likely to update now that they can carry over their V8s.

Further helping customer teams, Holden has also confirmed a V6 turbo engine leasing program will be implemented for 2019, where the new engines will race on a full-time basis.

Taking more time to develop the V6 turbo and the parity requirements around it will benefit Holden and the category, says Triple Eight boss Roland Dane.

Holden is the first to have committed to bringing a non-V8 engine into the category under the Gen2 rules.

Supercars’ technical department has developed and dyno tested its own V6 turbo motor in preparation for the changeover, but like Triple Eight is yet to test its engine on track.

“Our sport prides itself on Supercars being the closest competition in the world, and the phased introduction of the next-generation Commodore will ensure that is maintained,” said Dane.

Supercars CEO James Warburton described the move a sensible decision as part of the introduction of the Gen2 program.

“It is a pragmatic and sensible approach by Holden and Triple Eight Race Engineering in introducing the new Commodore and a twin-turbocharged V6 powered engine to the sport,” Warburton said.

“Importantly it is a win for all the current teams in terms of the simplicity and market relevance for an easy transition to the new Commodore in 2018.

“This phased introduction sets a clear path forward for not only Holden but existing and new manufacturers in the sport.”

Replacing the last Australian-built Commodore due to the end of Holden manufacturing, the new five-door hatchback Commodore road car is set to be imported from Germany.

Triple Eight is working alongside Holden on the Supercars version of the bodywork, which will be fitted to a chassis that has already been partially built.

The first of the new Commodores is expected to be ready for Supercars aerodynamic testing in the fourth quarter of this year.

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