More Skyline 4-doors for TLV Neo for May 2018

Just saw this a day or so ago, so it pleased me to read about it. TLV have a good record of charting the journey of the reltively unknown and this is a good example.

When you think of an R34 25GT, you go for the GT-X, but little is known of the GT-V. Here is a quick summary of model: 2,500cc non turbo, 17 inch wheels, bigger brakes and LSD standard.

It goes without saying that this is a must have as this is a pure JDM and I doubt very much it will be replicated anywhere else.

Blue is fetching. Released in May 2018. 

LV-N 170 a, b Skyline 25 GT-V (blue) / (black)LV-N 170 a, b Skyline 25 GT-V (blue) / (black)LV-N 170 a, b Skyline 25 GT-V (blue) / (black)LV-N 170 a, b Skyline 25 GT-V (blue) / (black)LV-N 170 a, b Skyline 25 GT-V (blue) / (black)LV-N 170 a, b Skyline 25 GT-V (blue) / (black)LV-N 170 a, b Skyline 25 GT-V (blue) / (black)LV-N 170 a, b Skyline 25 GT-V (blue) / (black)LV-N 170 a, b Skyline 25 GT-V (blue) / (black)


The last Skyline equipped with an inline six cylinder engine, R34 type. It was a car that was standing at the turning point of various histories as a Nissan car, such as the end of production at the former Prince Murayama Plant in the middle of model life.

After the appearance in 1998, the reference model excluding the GT-R which was added the following year was produced only for 3 years until 2001, but now as a car model leaving a name in history, already the dignity of a neo classic car I am leaving.

In TLV-NEO, we released the late model as a play car in the movie “Farewell Ambiguous Criminal”, and since then we have developed several types as popular models.

We will add a new variation for the first time in May, which will be exactly 20 years from the release of the R34 type.

This time it reproduces the 25 GT-V which was normally set from the late model with the NA engine. In addition to the popular colour Bayside Blue which can also be said to be the synonym of R34 type, two common black colours appeared.

If you are an active owner of the vehicle, those who used to ride in the past, those of the long-awaited Ska G fans, and TLV fans, please add them to the collection.

※ Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Application for commercialisation license

product name: LV-N 170 a, b Skyline 25 GT-V (blue) / (black)
Release date: Scheduled for May 2018
Price: Each 2,300 yen (excluding tax)


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