TLV 2020 gets off to a flyer!

The awesome Skyline GTS25 recreated in 1/64

Well, well, well…..

We haven’t even finished the third quarter of 2019 and Tomica are already revealing their first four for January 2020.

And you have got to say that this is simply class – the GTS25 Type X is simply the car that has dying to be made as part of this range. Everyone wants to see a R32 Skyline, but it is always the GT-R that is catered for.

Over the past few months, TLV-Neo has really gone off the beaten path and this model proves it. A 4-door, non turbo model that is plain stock. Nothing fancy. Which makes this choice of inclusion perfect.

This is the Skyline that everyone could “afford” – OK, it didn’t have 276bhp, but it was a Skyline – “Achievement Unlocked”.

You see, everyone makes mainstream. Look at Matchbox and Hot Wheels – token throws to JDM car culture and pandering to the wants of an ageing collectors group. But here, TLV simply document the JDM from the Showa and now Heisei period (1989 to 2017). This also hints at what else is potential to come as well. I have written before that there is simply a ridiculous volume of JDM that could be done, which I reckon would keep this model range/line going for the next 10-15 years at least, if they attempted to do every single one.

I am getting excited of what is to come in 2020. This GTS is firm evidence.

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