Tomica Series – No.58 DAIHATSU Wake

Another one of those kooky Kei Cars from Japan. Daihatsu Wake is a kei car manufactured by Daihatsu.[2] It was launched on 10 November 2014. It has interior cabin height of 1,455 mm (57.3 in), highest in its class.[3] It has a mileage of 25,4 kmpl.[2] Toyota in Japan also sold the Wake as the Toyota Pixis Mega. The van version of the Wake is called…

Tomica Series – No.35 Toyota NOAH

Ah, more people carriers. And with opening boots as well. Another worthy addition to the Tomica garage mainly as the real car is only available in Asian and African markets. Good front and rear detailing as usual.   [url=] Sharing large numbers of Flickr photos simply and fast by using BBCode or HTML tags[/url]

Tomica Series -No.94 NISSAN SERENA

Yet another JDM MPV that makes it within The Garage. The old Serena that was available in the UK was some Spanish built bubble, but I much prefer the excess and boxiness of the JDM version. Whilst Mattel tout that the new MB’s will have opening parts, I think that they are a little late…

Tomica Series – No.23 MITSUBISHI MIRAGE

Always good to have a normal car in a diecast line up, and this is a fine example. Opening boot, dodgy paint scheme, yup, this is something one would certainly see on the roads today be it in Japan or Europe. As with most Tomica’s you get that pukka tampo print on as well. Nice.

Tomica Series – No.84 Toyota VELLFIRE

Vellfire – sounds like some manner of military grade weaponry to me. But Japanese car makers have a habit of making names for their people carriers that sound outrageous. I have to admit, I am a huge fan of JDM people carriers and I cannot get enough of them. Voxy, Noah, Elgrand – all of…