LEGO at Nuremburg

Well what a delightful sight at the baggage area at Nuremburg airport. It is a real shame that I was here on business as opposed going to the annual toy fair that happens at this time of year. Great to see. I could have just taken some more photos, but in a suit with luggage,…

The Beast on Backorder – but at a cost.

It was by pure chance yesterday that I noticed on my FB feed that someone posted that 75192 Millennium Falcon was currently available again via Shop at Home. It was a bit of a frenzy as I immediately went to place an order via mobile instead of going via BA Shopping which would have earned me…

New LEGO City 2018 Polybags

Just seen on The Brick Show are these two new polybags for 2018. I like the roadworks one, dragster is a bit dodgy. The only issue I have is just how near impossible it is to find some of these…. LEGO City Dragster (30358) LEGO City Road Worker (30357)


If ever there was a reason to collect LEGO City, this is it. I want the space and sets to build and surpass this!