If ever there was a reason to collect LEGO City, this is it. I want the space and sets to build and surpass this!

More 2018 LEGO City images

More images released of the 2018 City sets for the first half of the year. I am seriously not interested in the Mountain Police, but the others I may well pick up. Once again, LEGO are doing me a massive favour here – less money will be spent. Report comes courtesy of The Brick Fan:…

2018 LEGO City reveal

I can’t say that I am overtly enthusastic about this. This image has been uploaded to the LEGO servers, so they are preparing for the 2018 sets. I am not that impressed. Yet MORE police sets – albeit this time Mountain Police? Sorry, but every year there just seems to be an onslaught of Police…

Proper LEGO ad

Back in the day, LEGO used to produce some brilliant ads, which made me want to buy every single set they produced for LEGOLAND which was City at the time. It is all too easy to to get an ad done via CGI, and TBH, these days when LEGO do that it ruins the magic…

GTA………….LEGO style

i have never been impressed with The LEGO Movie at all – over hyped and over rated, it was simply average at best. However, this brilliant video below shows TLG how it should be done – superb stuff and rather amusing. I am not sure that TLG would approve…………..